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Creative B2C Web Application Development India

Get Multi Dimensional Activities In Your Website With Our B2C Portals Application.
B2C (Business to Client) refers to business transactions that take place between seller and the actual buyer, the example would be a consumer purchasing goods from the retailer. Every retailer has to maintain or process such transactions to keep track of goods in stock and also the amount of sales.
Manual recording of such transactions has its own disadvantages, the process is very lengthy and results in wastage of time. Retail business has grown by leaps and bounds and so is the task of transaction processing. The management of retail business has become very difficult due to large volume of retail transactions. B2C automation has created a storm in the retail industry, it has changed the way retail trade was managed.
The B2C applications developed by us not only help retail businesses to manage their business processes effectively, but also helps them to increase their sales through on-line store and other advanced features.
Doing business online no longer requires a huge investment, its due to developments in template-based online stores which are based on custom developed softwares or readymade packaged applications.
Any business man who wants to sell products and services over the internet, or who wants customers to be able to look and evaluate their purchases on the internet, should consider an online custom developed B2C store or portal.
Online Web Marketing, Web Promotion in Search Engine and Internet Advertising is prime factors of B2C.
K.S Softech provides best Web Portal development solution and Portal Maintenance Service for B2B, B2C portal development, E-Business, Intranet, Extranet & E-Commerce. K.S Softech also provides Offshore Outsourcing of Portal designing and Offshore Portal Maintenance.
B2C Web applications Features:
  • Unlimited Product features.
  • Product display in user section.
  • Product prices from database.
  • Cross Selling.
  • Product Rating & Reviews.
  • Best Sellers.
  • New Product Display.
  • Product insert, update, delete in Administrator section by the Administrator.
  • Multiple image display under product image & which will change on mouse over and an option to view larger image.
Customer Service Center:
  • Order stored in database.
  • Customer history of all orders.
  • Customer history of all orders.
  • Repeat customer recognition.
  • Discount & loyalty programs.
  • Join Mailing List.
  • Pre-sales registration.
  • Forced login before shopping.
  • Logged order tracking messages.
  • Customer based discounts.
Mailing Support:
  • Mail to customer & Administrator after new customer registration.
  • Mail for changed Password.
  • Mail for forgot Password.
  • Mail to Administrator after customer places order.
  • Mail to customer after Administrator approves/ declines his order.
  • Mail to tell a friend.
  • Mail to merchant on new product review.
Website Administration
  • Fully flexible design.
  • Unlimited products.
  • Unlimited Categories/Sub-categories depth.
  • Advanced search facility.
  • Thumbnails and larger images.
  • Automated extended descriptions.
  • Security Aspects.
  • Totally hidden administration.
  • Other internal security checks to prevent SQL injection.
  • Mini cart always visible.
  • Order multipleproducts with one click.
  • Report generation center.
  • Sales reports.
  • Search query reports.
  • Total sales.
  • Total Sales by product.
  • No of first page count.
  • No of abondoned sales, IP address.
  • Prevent hackers from order based on e-mail or IP address.
  • Dual password login to Administration.
  • Prevent certain countries from ordering.

A Guide for our Users

Q. Why you need a Website?

1. Websites Never Sleep.
2. Your Top Competitor Has A Website.
3. "Just Google It".
Read More about Why you need a website...

Q. What does it take to get a website started?

1. Know what you want your website to accomplish.
2. Gather information.
3. Meet with K.S Softech for a consultation.
Read More about getting your website started...

Q. How to come to "Number 1" in the search engines?

Search engine optimization, search engine marketing and website promotion are a few of these that help your website to get noticed on the Internet and eventually, help your business grow.
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Q. How much will I need to invest, for making a website?

Investment in a website depends on a number of decisions. The number of pages a website has as well as the type or graphics or design that you want. A website can be single page as well as dynamic with thousands of pages.
Read more on how much investment is involved in making website...

Q. What are the steps involved?

Initially we will like to know more about you and why you need a website. Depending on your application, business sector as well as age of the organization (introductory or already established) we will make design recommendations.
Read more on steps involved in making website...

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